Increase in Gas Prices⁉️

A mailer supporting Jeff Gorell paid for by Ventura County Republican Party claims that Measures A and B would have raised gas prices for residents by 20%.
This claim is wholly made up.

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At no time did the "Stop Measures A&B" committee--which spent $6,981,048.53 as of its last filing to convince voters to vote no--assert that gas prices would have gone up 20% for Ventura County residents. Indeed, Aera Energy, which largely funded the campaign, released this statement after the election. Spoiler alert: there's nothing about a 20% increase.

An impartial analysis of the measures provided by the Ventura County League of Women Voters concluded that "the 'No' arguments [on measures A & B] are based on false assumptions and focus-tested talking points designed to mislead the voters." Nevertheless, voters rejected the measures.


Measures A & B False Claim Ventura County Republican Party