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Number of lies told by or on behalf of Jeff Gorell so far:


A mailer sent to Democratic voters paid for by the phoney-baloney IEC supporting Jeff Gorell and opposing Claudia Bill-de la Peña says that he is "Your Democratic Choice for Supervisor". On the back of the mailer it says "THE CLEAR CHOICE FOR DEMOCRATS". This implies that Gorell is a Democrat.
This implication is false. Gorell is Republican, not Democratic.

A mailer called "Honesty Counts Supporting Jeff Gorell & Opposing Claudia Bill-de la Pena" (sic) asserts that Bill-de la Peña gave a "Pot License" in exchange for contributions to her campaign, claiming that she is "in bed with Big Tobacco."
This accusation of corruption and a quid pro quo vote is laughably untrue.

A mailer supporting Jeff Gorell paid for by Ventura County Republican Party claims that Measures A and B would have raised gas prices for residents by 20%.
This claim is wholly made up.


A mailer paid for by the Ventura County Republican Party prints an uncredited news story of a residential burglary in order to support Jeff Gorell and oppose Claudia Bill-de la Peña for Ventura County Supervisor.


The Ventura County Reporter quoted Jeff Gorell saying that "there's no oil production in the second district" and that "no one intends in this campaign to open up open space for oil drilling".
This is astonishingly disingenuous.

On October 4th, Jeff Gorell tweeted that he took the pledge to not take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry.
The facts don't bear this out.
Gorell's Form 460, which can be accessed on the Ventura County Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure here, shows in his most recent filing that he took $1,500 from Sempra Energy, Inc.


On October 5th, Jeff Gorell tweeted a challenge to his opponent, Claudia Bill-de la Peña, to sign a pledge that he calls the "No Tobacco Money Pledge."
Not only is this not a thing, it is hypocritical because Gorell took money from the President and CEO of an international tobacco distribution corporation, Kretek.

Jeff Gorell's twitter handle describes himself as a dad and as a candidate for Ventura County Supervisor, then lists his job history leaving out that he was Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles until January of this year.

This is a deliberate omission.

In a letter to the editor of the Thousand Oaks Acorn, a writer--who is identified as the husband of Jeff Gorell's campaign manager--tip-toes around the fact that Gorell was appointed deputy mayor by Mayor Erik Garcetti of Los Angeles. Instead of saying that though, he says America's second-largest city while leaving out his actual title.


Another letter to the editor in the VenturaCounty Star asserts that "Jeff [Gorell] will bring his experience and amazing background into creating some balance in Sacramento."

This is bizarre.


A letter to the editor in the Ventura County Star from the professional firefighters union lists Jeff Gorell's job experience--"our State Assemblyman from 2010 to 2014"--leaving out that he was Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles from 2015 until January of this year.
This appears to be a deliberate omission of Gorell's history.


In a letter to the editor of the Ventura County Star, a pro-Jeff Gorell writer states that his "opponent believes that she works for the governor and not the voters of the county that she represents, which she confidently stated in the Supervisor debate leading up to the primary."
This assertion is confidently incorrect.  

A letter to the editor in the Ventura County Star asks, "Do we want more of the same representation in Sacramento in the next four years that has brought us to where we are now?" and goes on to state that Jeff Gorell "is willing to fight for us in Sacramento." 
This is a logical fallacy.

In an article in the Thousand Oaks Acorn, Jeff Gorell is described as "a former state Assembly member and Ventura County prosecutor."
This is a bit misleading.
Jeff Gorell was Deputy Mayor for the City of Los Angeles for more than six years, a position he held until January of this year. He is currently on a leave of absence from his current position with the Port of Los Angeles according to his LinkedIn page. 

A Statement of Organization has been filed with the State of California with the name, "Honesty Counts Supporting Jeff Gorell & Opposing Claudia Bill-De la Pena for Supervisor 2022".

This appears to be a deceptive attempt to fool voters.