About Honesty Counts

Honesty Counts debunks dishonest political ads, mailers, articles, blogs, commercials, - you name it! Honesty Counts provides perspective for the voting public that is based on documentation available through public records, online and other sources, as well as the California Public Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

We believe Honesty Counts! Our elected leaders should be honest -- and so should their campaigns.  By debunking false allegations, we hope to reduce the influence untruths have on election outcomes. With so much money being spent on negative campaigning, Honesty Counts helps you wade through the political mud to see what is true and what is false, misleading and/or deceptive.

Honesty Counts not only does the debunking, we keep track of the number of untruths being told by campaigns and candidates (or lies told on their behalf); the bigger the number, the more falsehoods they've told

You too can help bring truth to campaigns. If you are aware of false statements being put forward to elect or defeat a candidate or measure, send them to Honesty Counts today.



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