Tax Causes High Gas Prices⁉️


An article in the Ventura County Star quotes Lori Mills, candidate for the 42nd Assembly District, as saying that incumbent Jacqui "Irwin raised the gas tax then put a committee together to figure out why gas prices are high", inferring that the state's gas tax is the reason the average price of regular unleaded gas was $6.31 in Ventura County and $6.29 statewide.

Mill's inference is untrue.
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 9.39.06 AM.png
As of this writing, the national average price of gasoline is $3.86, while the increase in California's gas tax accounts for approximately 54-cents per gallon.
That leaves, on average, $1.91 per gallon unaccounted for, which seems worthy of Irwin's investigation.
Abe says, "Five refiners make 97% of the state’s gasoline and can restrict gasoline supply to drive up gas prices, artificially driving up their prices significantly in excess of their costs. It appears local Republicans, oil companies, and Mills don't want you to know that.


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