No Fossil Fuel Money⁉️

On October 4th, Jeff Gorell tweeted that he took the pledge to not take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry.
The facts don't bear this out.
Gorell's Form 460, which can be accessed on the Ventura County Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure here, shows in his most recent filing that he took $1,500 from Sempra Energy, Inc.
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.24.15 PM.png
Sempra Energy "operates the nation’s largest natural gas utility, Southern California Gas Co., as well as fellow utility San Diego Gas & Electric. Sempra is the majority owner of a liquefied natural gas export terminal in Louisiana that sends fossil fuel overseas, and it’s got plans to build more gas export facilities on the Gulf and Pacific coasts" according to the LA Times.

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Gorell accepted the maximum contribution from Sempra Energy twice, once during the primary and the latest one for the general election, which is allowed by the Ventura County Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance.


Abe says, "So, did Gorell not read what he signed? Or does he believe that voters wouldn't check? Either way, it looks bad."



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