Former Ventura County What⁉️

In an article in the Thousand Oaks Acorn, Jeff Gorell is described as "a former state Assembly member and Ventura County prosecutor."
This is a bit misleading.
Jeff Gorell was Deputy Mayor for the City of Los Angeles for more than six years, a position he held until January of this year. He is currently on a leave of absence from his current position with the Port of Los Angeles according to his LinkedIn page. 
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While it is true that Gorell served in the State Assembly from 2010 until he lost in 2014, and he was a Deputy District Attorney from 1999-2006, it's a noteworthy omission to leave out the job he had from 2015-2022 advising Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles.
Maybe the omission was accidental; maybe it served to emphasize Gorell's connection with Ventura County during two separate stints a while back. Feels weird.
Abe says: "What's wrong with saying Jeff Gorell was the Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles until this year?"


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