Balance in Sacramento⁉️


Another letter to the editor in the VenturaCounty Star asserts that "Jeff [Gorell] will bring his experience and amazing background into creating some balance in Sacramento."

This is bizarre.
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Gorell is running for a seat for District 2 on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors; he isn't running to represent voters in the capitol as a State Senator or a State Representative would. As Honesty Counts has previously clarified, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for County services in the unincorporated county, budgeting funds and overseeing sixteen departments and agencies and represents the county in special districts like the Fire Protection District and the Watershed Protection District.
And another thing, this letter claims that Gorell isn't "right or left." That's simply not true. Gorell is endorsed by the Ventura County Republican Party and other prominent local Republicans. Gorell ran as a Republican and lost to Democrat Julia Brownley for the 26th Congressional District election in 2014. He was the Republican Assembly Member of Districts 44 and 37 before that.
Abe says, "Maybe Gorell being associated with the right doesn't poll well in Ventura County District 2."


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