Vaccine Passports?

In a flyer mailed to homes, "Conejo Valley Cares--Recall Linda Parks," the committee attempting to get enough signatures to make the Ventura County Supervisor subject to a recall election, claims that she has stated that she is in favor of vaccine passports.
This is false.
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Supervisor Parks' repeatedly countered members of the public who made this false allegation during the County's COVID presentation May 18, 2021 (see time stamp 1:17). Despite the county's official TweetsFacebook posts, and newspaper articles, the false rumor persists.
As of this writing, this mailer differs from their official website which does not make the false claim about vaccine passports and violations of state law despite having otherwise identical language. The state laws to which the mailer refers are in the California Health and Safety Codes concerning the Nuremberg Code of Ethics in Medical Research that was developed after the trial of Nazi war criminals for the unethical use of persons in medical experiments.

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Abe says, "Comparing COVID-19 vaccinations to Nazi medical experimentation is offensive."


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