Making Deals with Unions?

In an online comment, former CVUSD Trustee Sandee Everett states that Supervisor Linda Parks is "making deals with unions" and that it "does not make her a good asset to the community. She threw all the kids under the bus. Kids must come first. She needs to step down."

It has been said that it is easier to accept a simple lie than a complex truth.

Here is the truth.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 2.32.59 PM.png

Parks sits on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors. Here is a chart showing the county's organizational structure and here is a link to all of the services that are provided by it.
Parks and the County of Ventura have no role whatsoever in dealing with teachers unions.
The Unified Association of Conejo Teachers (UACT), California Teachers Association (CTA), and National Education Association (NEA) are advocates for students, teachers, and schools and as such are presumably the unions to which Everett refers; UACT bargains with the Conejo Unified School District.
Abe says: "You would think that even a former school board trustee would know that."


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