Had a Hunch?

In a text to residents, Denise Pedrow, failed candidate for California Assembly District 44, shared a post that states, "had a hunch that our VCBOS would be considering if they should follow the example of LA and Santa Barbara counties."

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It goes on to claim, "I heard today that our BOS is indeed considering this with a great deal of pressure coming from the Chair of the Board, Linda Parks and outside influencers who would like to see all counties shut down again and or mandate the vaccine and masks."

These assertions have no basis in fact. The Board of Supervisors does not "follow the lead" of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, and Parks has not pressured the Board.
Here is what Ventura County is urging: 

The Ventura County Public Health's urging, recommending, and monitoring are not the same as ordering, requiring or mandating. 

Nevertheless, many recipients of Pedrow's message were moved to flood the inboxes of all the supervisors with the message: "NO VACCINE REQUIREMENTS. NO MASK MANDATES. NO VACCINE PASSPORTS."

For an in-depth discussion of the bogus claim of vaccine passports in Ventura County, please see Honesty Counts #4 "Vaccine Passports?"

For a discussion of how to misdirect, as Pedrow has done here, read on. Misdirection is the magician's tool of directing their audience's attention away from their trick so they don't notice what is happening right before their eyes. Misdirection works because of a psychological phenomenon called inattentional blindness

Pedrow repeats the message about having "had a hunch" and "heard" something that everyone is extremely concerned about--COVID-19. So it's no wonder the hyperbolic claims that followed were what everyone on the receiving end of this message paid attention to and acted upon. Its own words are the cue that there was no evidence to back the untrue claims. Anyone can misdirect other's attention this way.

Abe says, "I had a hunch, I heard today, people are saying INSERT CLAIM HERE."



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