Budget Deficit?

A mailer from the committee behind the attempted recall of Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks states that she and her "supervisor colleagues decided to take money from the state to shore up the budget deficit that they, in fact, created." It goes on to claim that "the budget deficit was entirely due to their directives to close and sue businesses and churches."
This is false.
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The mailer does not mention the pandemic; nevertheless, COVID-19 led to an economic slowdown which reduced local revenues at a time when there was--and still is--an increased need for additional services.
According to the County Executive Office, "To date, the County has received $147 million in CARES Act funds. An additional $19.5 million will be allocated from the State. The funding has been, and is recommended to continue to be, dedicated to funding testing, tracing, providing meals to vulnerable populations, housing medically fragile or individuals over age 65 who are homeless, purchase of PPE, hospital surge preparation, rental assistance as well as business assistance grants. The preliminary budget proposes to hold a reserve of CARES funds considering significant unknowns such as the length of the pandemic, possible changes in permissible use of the funds such as to cover lost revenue, the deadline for expenditure of the funds and the availability of additional state or federal funds." Additionally, the County budget, adopted June 8, 2021 was structurally balanced and increased reserves $143.9 million. See County adopted county budget page 124. 
Abe says, "Math is hard."


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