Unlimited Power?

A website paid for by AERA Energy claims that "Measures A and B on the Ventura County June ballot would give the Board of Supervisors unprecedented and virtually unlimited power to arbitrarily force the shutdown of existing oil and gas production in our county."

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This is false.

Measures A and B are referendums of the 2020 amendments to the coastal and non-coastal zoning ordinances that the board established to make a single, consistent permitting and environmental review process for all new oil and gas development. Previously, oil and gas permits that had been granted prior to 1970 had not been required to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA. There are 80 such permits in Ventura County.

There are currently 145 conditional use permits (CUPs) granted by the County of Ventura according to the Resource Management Agency Oil and Gas Program. Eighty of those 145 permits operate under different rules, which allows them to bypass environmental review of a project's impact on air, water and other natural resources.

 The Board of Supervisors' amendments to the county's zoning ordinances--which the referendums seek to reverse--would require new oil and gas development to have the same analysis regardless of the age of the underlying permit.

It is not true that this authority to have consistent standards for the industry is "unprecedented" or would give "unlimited power to arbitrarily force the shutdown of existing oil and gas production." The amendments apply only to new permits for production, not existing.


Abe says, "If it were true that environmental review would force the shutdown of oil and gas in the county, how come those permits granted after CEQA are still in business?"



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