Override State and Federal Regulations?

A website, Stop Measures A and B, purports that the Ventura County "Board of Supervisors is pushing Measures A & B to give themselves new powers to override state and federal regulations." 


This claim is false. 
As Honesty Counts posted previously, Measures A and B are referendums on the June ballot that voters will either overturn or uphold the amendments to the coastal and non-coastal zoning ordinances that were enacted in 2020 by the Board of Supervisors. Those amendments would require that all new oil and gas development proposals in the unincorporated county undergo the same environmental review that is required by the state law known as CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act. Currently, there are 80 oil and gas Conditional Use Permits in Ventura County that were granted by the Board of Supervisors prior to CEQA's enactment in 1970. 
The website making this false claim has major funding from Aera Energy and Chevron, and urges voters to vote no on the amendments, thereby continuing to exempt them from having to comply with updated standards. The amendments would close this loophole.
Local governments, such as the county, have land use authority over the permitting of onshore facilities such as drilling of new wells, construction of oil and gas processing plants and pipelines, etc. The State and Federal governments have direct management control over their respective offshore jurisdictions. To read more about the specific roles of the county, state, and federal governments and oil and gas production, click here.


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