High Energy Prices?


Aera Energy (owned by ExxonMobil and Shell) and Chevron want voters to believe that Measures A and B will somehow lead to higher energy prices.
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This is untrue.

The inference from a mailer featuring a big gas nozzle is that if Ventura County requires all new conditional use permits to comply with CEQA, and end the loophole that has been to Aera's advantage for more than 40 years, then gas prices will go up. This inference is at odds with what the API (American Petroleum Institute) states on their website, which explains gas prices:
"Petroleum prices are determined by market forces of supply and demand, not individual companies, and the price of crude oil is the primary determinant of the price we pay at the pump. Oil prices are at a seven-year high amid a persistent global supply crunch, workforce constraints, increasing geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe, the economic rebound following the initial stages of the pandemic, and policy uncertainty from Washington."
The argument that voting yes on Measures A and B will lead to California importing more foreign oil has been debunked in HC #5 "Foreign Oil?"
Abe says, "It's pretty slick of Aera, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Chevron to count on voters to care more about gas prices than clean water."


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