Earth Scientist?

In a mailer sent to Democratic voters, John Harris, "Earth Scientist", professes that Measures A & B will give "politicians new power to ignore scientists and override the regulators who keep energy production safe."
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 10.12.24 PM.png
This is deceiving.
John Harris is a geoscientist and consultant who, according to his own company's website,  has "20 years of worldwide oil and gas exploration and development experience" and is a "proven finder of hydrocarbon".
Not that there's anything wrong with that. It just doesn't sound as crunchy-granola as an earth scientist.
What is deceiving is claiming that Measures A and B will override regulators who keep production safe, implying to Democrats that standards would be loosened to allow the oil industry free rein. Instead, Measures A and B will apply the same, stringent standards that other oil and gas producers follow that under current law, Aera Energy does not have to follow under their antiquated permits.
Honesty Counts has previously debunked the notion that a county can override regulators. See HC #3 "Override State and Federal Regulations?".
Abe says, "Follow the money."


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