How does Honesty Counts choose which campaign attacks to debunk?

Honesty Counts receives submissions from voters and from candidates who are subjected to false allegations.  We do the rest! The decision on whether to post an item on Honesty Counts is based on review of these submissions and independent research.

How will Honesty Counts get the message out about dishonest campaigns?

As an internet-based service, Honesty Counts creates a webpage on our website for candidates and measures.  We encourage candidates to link the webpage to their websites and incorporate it in their ads and social media outreach. 

What's with the numbers?

Honesty Counts tracks the number of lies, mischaracterizations, and phoney baloney accusations that we've documented by campaigns and candidates.  Each dishonest claim is numbered and the total appears next to the candidate/measure that is being untruthful.

Why can't I find a candidate or measure listed here?

If you can't find a certain political ad, article, or letter debunked here it may be that we don't know about it yet. Please contact us. If we still don't list it here, it may just be true!

What if Honesty Counts gets it wrong?

We aim to get it right, but if we miss we will update! We encourage our readers to contact us if they have documentation that we should know about.

Who is behind Honesty Counts?

Linda Parks, an elected leader in Ventura County, California who has faced million-dollar smear campaigns from the Republican and Democratic parties. 

Nora Aidukas, principal author and researcher.

Marsha Moutrie, attorney, advisor.

Why dredge this muck up?

It is our sincere wish that with our platform for candidates to get the truth out, campaigns will focus more on differences of policy rather than misrepresenting the facts for political gain.  After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to their own facts.