No Discernible Difference?

In a letter to the editor to the Thousand Oaks Acorn, a Tim McCarthy for Ventura County Supervisor supporter asserts that "there was no discernible difference in outcomes between governments that enacted strict policies around masks and gathering and those that did not."

This is untrue.

According to a study titled, "Association between COVID-19 outcomes and mask mandates, adherence, and attitudes" and which states that mask mandates are associated with a significant improvement in COVID-19 outcomes.
Additionally, an early study titled, "Strong Social Distancing Measures in the United States Reduced the COVID-19 Growth Rate" concluded that there would have been ten times greater spread of COVID-19...without shelter-in-place orders."
Another study ranking the effectiveness of worldwide government interventions found that the most effective measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 included closing and restricting most places where people gather in smaller or larger numbers for extended periods of time.
Unfortunately, this public health issue has been politicized, which has impeded our ability to address it effectively. Recently, supervisorial candidate McCarthy has argued with Dr. Robert Levin, the county's public health officer, despite McCarthy's lack of relevant education and experience. His argument was said to be "not scientifically sound".
Abe says: "As the mandate is lifted it is still incumbent on all of us to continue to take appropriate precautions to prevent further spread of the virus."
McCarthy LTE discernible.png