Works for Governor⁉️


In a letter to the editor of the Ventura County Star, a pro-Jeff Gorell writer states that his "opponent believes that she works for the governor and not the voters of the county that she represents, which she confidently stated in the Supervisor debate leading up to the primary."
This assertion is confidently incorrect.  

Here is a link to the debate where Claudia Bill-de la Peña's quote is taken out of context, beginning at 1:43:07.

Bill-de la Peña was the Mayor of Thousand Oaks in 2021 while Gorell was "Chief of COVID operations and oversight for City of Los Angeles" (sic) according to his LinkedIn page in January of this year.
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He has since changed his LinkedIn page.
Abe says, "We expect more than 6 feet of distance between Gorell and his COVID role, now that he is trying to appeal to voters."


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