Threatened by Urban Sprawl⁉️

In a campaign video, Jeff Gorell says that he moved to Ventura County more than two decades ago because of our beautiful open space and inviting parks, and claims that they are being threatened by "Los Angeles-style urban sprawl."
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This is misleading.
Ventura County's open space is protected from urban sprawl by a vote of the people through the various land use measures known as SOAR, which were first adopted in 1998 and extend until December 31, 2050.
SOAR, Save Open Space & Agricultural Resources, stripped politicians of the power to permit urban sprawl, and put it in the hands of the voters.
Gorell's video implies that open space is still being threatened by sprawling development from Los Angeles today. It is not.
Additionally, Gorell claims that parks are also threatened by this sprawl, when in fact existing parks, golf courses, and open space are protected by a vote of the people through the Thousand Oaks Parks Initiative which was adopted in 1996, and was included by voters with the extension of SOAR initiatives. Thousand Oaks is the only city entirely within District 2 of Ventura County. There is only one county park in the district, Santa Rosa Valley Park, which is also protected by SOAR.
Abe says, "Maybe Gorell missed the memo about all this since he was still in Sacramento in the late '90s."


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