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A mailer on behalf of Jeff Gorell identifies "The Community Leadership Coalition sponsored by The Lincoln Club of San Diego" as the one who paid for the ad. San Diego?
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This is a dishonest game of hide-the-ball.


Here is the committee's California Form 410 that is filed on the County's website.
And here's their Form 496.
There are three people from El Cajon, Chula Vista, and San Diego who contributed $11,000 in total, but the cost of the mailer is listed at $29,750.
As of this writing, if you go to the California Secretary of State Campaign Finance page for the committee there are no contributions or expenditures listed.
So where did that balance of $18,750 come from?
Abe says, "Voters deserve to know who is backing the candidates before they cast their ballot."


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  • The Lincoln Club of San Diego
  • The Community Leadership Coalition
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