Sacramento in Ventura County⁉️

A mailer paid for by Jeff Gorell for Supervisor 2022 poses the question "WHO Should Our Supervisor Represent?" and purports that candidate Claudia Bil-De-La Pena (sic) says Sacramento.
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The quote by Claudia Bill-de la Peña is taken out of context.
The context of the discussion at that point in the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerces 2022 Candidates Forum on May 11th (not the 10th as the mailer incorrectly says) was the County's pandemic response in 2020. And as a matter of fact, Bill-de la Peña was correct in the context that there was an emergency order in effect. Click here to watch and hear it for yourself at 1:43:07.
On March 4, 2020, the Governor proclaimed a State of Emergency and Executive Order N-60-20 that states in relevant part:

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Read the Governor's entire Emergency Proclamation at this link
Abe says, "Didn't Gorell come from Sacramento?"



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