Open Space is Agriculture⁉️


Supervisor candidate Jeff Gorell asserts that aside from the lands in COSCA, Conejo Open Space Conservation Area, and in SMMC, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the rest of the open space in Ventura County is "the agricultural community out there."
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This isn't true or accurate.  
In two candidate forums, Jeff Gorell takes two contradictory positions on the open space protections that the voters have enacted, SOAR, Save Open Space & Agricultural Resources. SOAR ensures that until December 31, 2050, property designated Agricultural, Open Space and Rural land use designations may not be changed to a more intense, urban designation except by vote of the people
In the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber-sponsored event 1 hour, 35 minutes and 9 seconds in, Gorell says, "SOAR  does work," citing his role in the development of 1,500 homes in Santa Paula.
But in the League of Women Voters Ventura County forum, Gorell says at 26 minutes and 44 seconds in, we can't impose "things that Linda Parks has supported like the SOAR initiative." 
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So which is it? SOAR works or we shouldn't impose SOAR? Gorell leaves out another important part of SOAR's protections, to assure that Rural lands can't be developed without a vote of the people.
Here is a map showing the different areas of agriculture AND open space (and don't forget rural areas) just in the southern part in the County's General Plan. Notice the key at the bottom of the map that shows these lands as distinct land uses.
To see the north part, click here and scroll down to page 83.
Abe says, "I remember Jeff saying he'd protect Ventura County from Los Angeles-style sprawl. What happened to that guy?"


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