In an article in the Thousand Oaks Acorn, Jeff Gorell is reported to have said that since individual campaign contributions are limited to $750, every campaign is "grassroots". 
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This is disingenuous.
Late in the days before the primary election on June 7th, "The Community Leadership Coalition sponsored by The Lincoln Club of San Diego" paid for two direct mail ads supporting Gorell (with help from Tony Strickland Consulting.) 

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According to the County of Ventura Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure, Gorell benefitted from two $5,000 contributions from individuals from El Cajon and Chula Vista. The cumulative cost of the ads was $29,750. So, where did the other $18,750 come from?
Here is the likely answer: according to campaign finance reports filed with the California Secretary of State Campaign Finance under Major Donors, a $20,000 contribution was made by Gene Haas to the "Community Leadership Coalition'' of San Diego on May 18th, the same day Haas filed a report that he also contributed $750 directly to Jeff Gorell.
Abe says, "C'mon, you can't claim yours is a 'grassroots' campaign when you get large donor backing at $5,000 and $20,000 a pop."


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