Fundamental Changes?

A second mailer from CALOMA, the oil advocacy group behind the nice-sounding name of "California Works," quotes the Center for Economic Research and Development from California Lutheran University. It states, in part, "A return to robust economic growth in Ventura County will require fundamental changes to the policies which drive the current weakness."
They left out the next sentence: "This must necessarily start with a determined effort to build more housing."
This fallacy of selective attention is known as cherry-picking
Here are development reports that are available from each of the cities in Ventura County that show thousands of homes have been approved/in development:  
There is a "determined effort to build more housing" evidenced in these reports.
Abe says, "I wonder what more CALOMA wants?" 



  • CERF
  • Oil Advocacy
  • California Lutheran University
  • Center for Economic Research and Forecasting