Extracting Fact?

website titled Californians for Energy Independence states that Extracting Fact is "Our special initiative [that] ensures energy policy decisions in California are based on proven science, not false scare tactics, misleading rhetoric, or junk science."

Extracting Fact advertises that it does fact-checking on activist claims to ensure energy policies are based on science, not rhetoric.
It even has gone so far as to specifically attack a supervisor candidate here in Ventura County in email blasts, which means they should comply with the California Political Reform Act.
Neither Californians for Energy Independence nor Ventura Citizens for Energy Independence, which is another name they go by, are listed on the Campaign Finance division for the Secretary of State's website, despite campaigning against a candidate for Ventura County Supervisor in the March 3, 2020 election.
However, Californians for Energy Independence can be found using the state's business search.
Here is their latest filing, which shows the same name and address as that of CALOMA, the oil advocacy group that has been the subject of other Honesty Counts.
Abe says, "Fact is, Extracting Fact is a de facto campaign that  hides its contributors. "


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