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A mailer from the address of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Ventura states that the county "has deep roots in hard work, from farming to natural resource development to tourism and healthcare."Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 9.54.50 PM.png

A mailer backed by "California Works," aka CALOMA, an oil advocacy group, shows a boat offloading its catch, implying that it is in Ventura County.
Fish.jpg is the website that appears on mailers from "California Works" aka CALOMA, an oil advocacy group.

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On CALOMA’s Facebook page there’s another post about supporting Ventura County’s hardworking families with a photo of fishermen hauling up their net. 

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A second mailer from CALOMA, the oil advocacy group behind the nice-sounding name of "California Works," quotes the Center for Economic Research and Development from California Lutheran University. It states, in part, "A return to robust economic growth in Ventura County will require fundamental changes to the policies which drive the current weakness."