Hall of Shame Inductee

 Dan Roundtree for Thousand Oaks Council 2015


For the June 3, 2015 Biggest Whopper

Dan Roundtree # 1 : Urgent Message?


The Honesty Counts team independently reviewed campaign mailers and other media in the June 3, Special Election in the City of Thousand Oaks, debunking what was false. This mailer for candidate Dan Roundtree stood out for its deception which was furthered by its failure to identify the sender.



"New Polling Place Information" was the urgent warning issued to voters just days before the special election for Thousand Oaks City Council, but inside the official-looking envelope the "Election Notice" was reallly an advertisement endorsing Dan Roundtree. 

This campaign mailer is deceptive.

Voters were angered by the deception, too, judging from the comments on the June 1st facebook page of the "Thousand Oaks Acorn."

Mass mailings from political candidates are legally required to have the words "Paid for by" and identify the sender on the exterior of the mailing, according to the Fair Political Practicies Commission. 

Abe says, "Suckered, anyone?"


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