Never Trumper?

In a piece in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, contributor John Weaver supports candidate Mike Garcia and asserts that former-Congressman Steve Knight was a "Never Trump" Republican.
According to Weaver, "In his first term, Knight was an adequate representative, generally supporting and, in some cases, leading Republican positions on the military, on VA benefits, and on the Second Amendment. On that basis he was re-elected in 2016. However, in his first term, Knight was not confronted by any problems with respect to a Republican president since Obama was still in office. Subsequently, he went to Washington and joined Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Never Trump” Republican cabal in fighting Trump initiatives. This eroded local support, which, along with Katie Hill’s false but successful presentation as a military-supporting conservative Democrat, cost Knight his seat in the 2018 election."
So was Knight a Never Trumper? We think the answer is no.
According to FiveThirtyEight, Knight voted in line with Trump's position 98.9% of the time. Indeed, there was only one vote where Knight did not support Trump, that being imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea.
Incidentally, it passed 419-to-3.
Abe says, "Never say never."


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