Discriminating Against an Immigrant?

In a candidate forum sponsored by the Conejo Council PTA, Conejo Valley Unified School District Trustee Mike Dunn claimed that he would not participate in an event that "is discriminating against an immigrant, Asian woman, Dr. Amy Chen." He asked the other participants to "oppose this discrimination."

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 7.57.19 PM.pngSo, was school board candidate Chen discriminated against when she was not allowed to participate in the forum September 15th?

A little back story:

According to this article in La Voz, it appeared to be a "misunderstanding" between Chen and Conejo Council PTA President, Rocky Capobianco when his certified letter inviting Chen to the forum was not received by her.
The post office attempted to deliver the letter three times, which explained the rules for the forum, including RSVPing by September 1st.
Dr. Chen did not attend the forum because she did not respond to the invitation in time, not because she was discriminated against.
Abe says, "Remember,'The Postman Always Rings Twice'"*.